Data cabling

For years we have been taking care of the implementation and expansion of data cabling for many customers. Good communication with our customers and the professional execution of the work are of great importance to us. Fulfilling agreements and 200% commitment of all our employees, that’s what Proconnect stands for.


What is a data network?

Twisted Pair data networks consist of a star-shaped network with one or more distribution points at a number of central locations in a building. These distribution points are interconnected with a copper or fiber optic “backbone”. In the distribution points, all cables installed in the building are assembled in 19″ patch cabinets on fiber optics and / or RJ45 patch panels. This creates a clear view in the distribution points so that a connection can be made in a simple way by means of a patch cable between network equipment or telephone system and the user at the workplace. At the workplace, socket outlets are installed with RJ45 connectors with a unique coding. This encryption corresponds to the appropriate port on the patch panel. The equipment at the workplace can therefore easily be connected to your network equipment and / or telephone system.


Advantages of Twisted Pair data networks:

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